Uncovering the mysterious veil of new building material aerated concrete

In the past few years with the development of social economy and technology, it is not difficult to find that many of the two or three-line cities have a first-tier city level buildings.
We all know that if we want to put one thing in the eyes of the general public, we must solve the problem of economic development, but solve the technical problems.
When these two problems are solved, the things that want to be popularized can be present in the public's eyes.
Therefore, I infer that the first-tier city level of buildings in the two or three-tier cities is not only because of the reasons for economic development, there is a technical problem has been solved.
What motivates these buildings to be built? I think the big credit is due to the advent of aerated concrete.
What is aerated concrete, as the name implies is in the process of block making machine concrete to add chemical gas formed after the formation of concrete blocks.
Compared with traditional concrete blocks, the performance of aerated concrete is more advantageous.
The most notable feature is light weight, the quality of the finished product is equivalent to one-fifth of traditional concrete, clay bricks and one-third of lime sand bricks.
As a result, many high-rise buildings will be used as filler walls, and more as load-bearing walls relative to the underlying buildings.
In addition to the advantages of light quality, aerated concrete has an obvious advantage is that it has a very good seismic effect.
Because of its relatively small quality, the use of buildings can reduce the weight of the building, the destructive power of the earthquake is correspondingly reduced, can greatly improve the seismic capacity of buildings.
For example, buildings that use aerated concrete as building materials can withstand earthquakes of magnitude seven to eight without collapsing, with only a few cracks, but unused houses are hard to keep intact.
Aerated concrete, in addition to the advantages of light quality and good seismic effect, there is another point that has to be raised--high temperature resistance.
In the case of fire, the use of aerated concrete buildings to withstand the high temperature is more strong.
Because when the fire temperature reaches 600 degrees, the compressive degree of aerated concrete can reach the pressure degree at ambient temperature, its fire resistance can meet the national level Fire protection standard.
In other words, in the same fire temperature, the traditional concrete will be because of high temperature expansion and rupture phenomenon, and the machine concrete can maintain its physical characteristics do not deform and rupture.
02.08.2018 05:24:56
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