A comprehensive understanding of the advantages of aerated concrete equipment to improve efficiency.

The use of aerated concrete equipment into the fly ash inside the gas block is still a great advantage, because the air inside the fly ash is very small, so that mouse click the following article weight of the building can be reduced, and this situation in the earthquake when the effect of shock absorption, to avoid damage to the building, But it also makes the bricks contain bubbles.
In fact, the main function of these bubbles is to cushion the heat exchange effect.
So what are the advantages of aerated concrete equipment? What are the advantages of aerated concrete block equipment? In fact, the advantages of aerated concrete equipment is very much, we have a detailed understanding.
Compared with the traditional clay, the weight of fly ash aerated concrete equipment is obviously reduced, so the equipment is very high in many high-rise buildings, because it can better reduce the weight of the building itself, so that we can build a higher building.
The aerated concrete equipment mainly has two kinds of production technology, one is the fly ash aerated concrete block, another is sand aerated concrete production line technology, both of which are far ahead, and aerated concrete equipment block is the river sand, lime, cement as the main material, after grinding, batching mixing, pouring forming, water static stop cutting , and the maintenance of the vapor pressure to complete a insulation wall material.
The biggest advantage of such products is lighter weight, good quality, long service life, insulation, fire and other advantages, fly ash into the air block can play a warm and sound insulation effect.
The equipment in the construction of the time is very convenient, the processing is very strong, not only to enhance the strength of building materials, but also to make the building's usable area significantly increased.
Through the above introduction, we can better understand the advantages of aerated concrete equipment, what the problem, aerated concrete equipment has become inseparable from the construction of equipment, but because of the type of aerated concrete equipment is also very much, in the face of these devices different brands of equipment, we need to be cautious to choose, we need to pay attention to, In the choice of time, we must pay attention to the choice of relatively large reputation, good quality equipment, and Lontto Machine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. inside the aerated concrete equipment is a good reputation, long service life, by more consumers favored equipment, it is worth your choice.
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